Dive Sites of The Similan Islands National Park

North Point

Dive Site North Point
Site Layout:
Granite boulders and sand patches in the deep, shallow Acropora coral reef
Diving depth:
7m to 30m+
Can be strong among the boulders
Up to 40m
North of Island 9, generally calm and sheltered
Site access:
From MV Philkade in order to drop on the boulders. Normally buoyed to 15m

As the name suggests, this is the most northerly dive site on the islands. This site shows both sides of the Similans to great effect with boulders, swim-throughs, canyons, and soft corals in the deeper areas and a wonderful Staghorn Coral Reef as far as the eye can see above 12m. The boulders are spectacular, especially where they form a large canyon from 5m to 17m, and are home to Andaman and Oriental Sweetlips, Marbled Groupers, Clear Fin and Common Lion Fish, and various species of Nudibranchs. Good days will give divers the chance to see Leopard Shark, White Tip Reef Shark, and Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish. The hard corals in the shallows have clouds of Damsel Fish, Cardinal Fish, Antheas, and small Wrasse above them. Watch for them darting for shelter as Barracuda and Tuna try their luck for a small snack. This is probably the best place to see Hawksbill Turtles in the islands and is a great place for snorkelers. Also, if the Manta Rays appear on Ko Bon, this is one of the few Similan Island sites where early in their season they check out divers on their way north.

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