Customer Testimonials

Thank you for a very excellent trip. We have been diving all over the world and never experienced such fantastic service! The crew are so friendly, the food was excellent and Mik and Kerry were infectious in their love of diving. We will be back!

Tracey Jennings

3rd May 2008

The whole trip has been great but I especially enjoyed the fin removal service! Thanks Kerry and Mik for arranging the sleeping leopard shark and manta rays! Was so glad to have seen all the fish and that on this super trip!

Vanessa Evans

April 2008

Another wonderful trip, two years after our first Similans trip. Burma was wonderfully scheduled. Mik and Kerry provided wonderful diving experiences and the whole crew gets better and better!

I saw my first whale shark in 460 dives together with 4 mantas and 3 leopard sharks - not to mention all the moray eels, scorpion fish and small stuff! A truly wonderful and world class diving experience

Well done and Keep it up!!

Steven Davidson

Hong Kong
March 2008

Far beyond our expectations, great dives, great dive masters, great food with a friendly crew. Most comfortable dive trip ever

Hope to see you guys again soon

Jenny, Sonia, Tiger and Robert

Shenzen, China
17 March 2008

For our first liveaboard experience this has been exceptionally good. The boat is fantastic, the crew cannot do enough for you, and Mik and Kerry were great dive guides and great fun

"9 out of 10" Kerry! We won't forget!!

Hope to see you again some time and see if 'Turtles Head Corner' is still being dived. Thanks for everything!!

Carol and John

Yorkshire, England
17 March 2008

This is not our first liveaboard, however, it is the best one. Much thanks to Mik and Kerry for good cheer, professionalism, and fun. Big kudos to the Thai crew, they could not be any more helpful.

Excellent dive trip! Thanks for your knowledge patience, and humour in showing us these superb dive sites! 10 out of 10!

Rikki and Bernard Grinberg

Byron Bay, Australia
11 March 2008

Thank you all so much, we had a wonderful time and will remember our trip forever! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

See you in Indonesia!

Zoe and Rob

February 2008

Thank you for the wonderful liveaboard on MV Philkade! Briefings were highly entertaining and informative, the dives exciting (my first manta!!), the food good, and the company exceptional. What more could we ask for? Except to call in the whale sharks, I'll be back for that!

Keep up the good work and the conserving of the reefs!


February 2008

What an amazing 4 days! The boat is gorgeous and we especially loved our room 'Aquamarine'! Thanks to Kerry and Mik for ensuring that we all had a great time - your professionalism and knowledge of the dive sites is superb

The thai boat crew were so lovely and extremely hard working. This was our first liveaboard experience and it certainly exceeded our expectations! We look forward to coming on this boat again soon!

Chrissy and Fabs

18 January 2008

Thanks to all the crew for making our trip unforgettable, and diving comfortable

You've done a good job guys

Yana Churivova

Moscow, Russia
January 2008

18 January 2008

Ascending the 'chimney' wearing santa hats on Christmas Day - What a blast!!!

Thanks for a fabulous time and an amazing christmas dinner - it truly is a 'Wonderful Life'!

Tina and John

San Francisco, USA
26 December 2007

This was our very first liveaboard and it was truly fantastic. We just hope our next liveaboard trip will have the same quality of service and attention! Mik and Kerry were very attentive and knowledgable in each site we visited. We won't miss their 6:30 alarm call each morning but we will surely miss them and the thai crew. The food was excellent. We hope to be back here again SOON!

Thank you for a fabulous holiday and Christmas

Luis and Noi

26 December 2007

Thanks Mik, Kerry and the thai crew for an amazin trip. I am now more certified than my Brit Navy diver husband!! The diving was great and I wqas glad we finally got to see a shark. Mik and Kerry, we hope to see you in America someday. We'll show you the east coast.


Steve and Jayme Studley

Washington DC
20 November 2007

Thank you for a perfect trip!! The boat crew was very polite and professional and the diving (in spite of one broken promise.....Mik, just poking) was outstanding!!

Take care, and we hope to return in the future. Please take care of our cabin.

Maria and Wes Collins

20 November 2007

Very nice trip. Our favourite position: horizontal, except for eating.

Thanks to Kerry, Mik and the Thai crew.


2 November 2007

Great boat, fantastic crew, cruise director, dive master. The food was amazing, the diving was superb, and my only regret is that I did not book a longer trip.

Thanks to all for a trip that was better than anything I imagined.

Dawn Rehm

Washington DC, USA
13 April 2006

Our first liveaboard, our first trip to the Similans and Richelieu Rock… What a fantastic debut! The boat, the food, the dive sites and the crew including the captain, the dive masters, score 10/10.

Adrian Walters and Claire Horner

9 April 2006

I had a wonderful vacation. The boat is beautiful and comfortable. Thank you for having fish identification books available. I can not say enough positive things about the crew. They were so helpful when I was getting ready to dive.

Susan McBride

Alabama, USA
6 March 2006

Wow! What a wonderful way to turn 68 years old. May every scuba dive continue to breath (with or without a tank) until they are 68 and come back to celebrate with this terrific crew at Richelieu Rock.

Austin, Tea, Anek all made me feel comfortable at all times. The captain and crew were always at hand to help when I needed it.

I feel very fortunate to be able to do these trips.

Thank you

Jack Bledsoe

Maryland, USA
10 Feb, 2006

Austin, Anek, the Captain and all the wonderful crew,

Of all of our world travel, you are the best! The cook is the best in Thailand. We are all very well fed. We enjoyed the staff and the crew immensely! We are planning our next trip with the finest vessel, staff and crew in Thailand! Thanks for a wonderful time with many lasting memories.

With our greatest regards,

Tina Quon and Gary Moore

San Francisco, USA
31 January 2006

To the crew

A great weekend! The service both above and below water was outstanding!

Scott Price

22 January 2006

Thank you very much for an unforgettable tour boat below and above the water. The quality of the boat together with an easy going and professional crew makes this one of my top class diving/liveaboard experience.

Jan Pawli

19 January 2006

Thanks a lot everyone. Great pleasure of living, diving and cooking. Be happy!!


13 January 2006

To all the crew!!

This was my first liveaboard and I really enjoyed the diving and the crew. I will continue to do many more liveaboards over the years because you have shown me how great diving can be!!

Wishing you all the best

Take care

Shelly Cooke

2 January 2006

A wonderful way to spend Chrismas. Dive, Eat, Sleep, Dive, Eat, Sleep, Dive, Eat, Sleep, Dive, Eat, Sleep…

Thanks to the great crew for a memorable experience. We will be back!

Sam & Don Hindmarch

Toronto, Canada
28 December 2005

To the crew, dive masters and Owners of Philkade

We had a great time on board and will dream about this trip for a long time. Everybody was pleasant, helpful and professional. Certainly an experience to be recommended.

Thank you

Andy Bachman & Edith Rollin

28 December 2005

Dear Friends,

These days at the MV Philkade have been wonderful! The food, the boat, great people all of you. Great food (Oh the spicy soup!!) and of course good diving!

I'll be back! That's for sure!

Thank you for everything

Jose Ignacio Garrido

Barcelona, Spain
4 December 2005

Had a great live-aboard experience on Philkade. Great diving, met some lovely people. Stunning scenery, great Thai food. We are getting off in Ranong - have a fab time in Burma.

Sarah Cook & Simon Dalkin

28 November 2005

Great dives, great trip, great crew!!

Thank you, I'm looking forward to coming back.

Ida Sahle-Dorn

24 November 2005

Happy Thanks Giving!!

Fantastic trip - she's a fine ship with a first-class crew & dive team. Excellent dives, great company, tasty food - we'll definitely be back!!

Steve & Beth Welch

Highland Park, IL USA
24 November 2005

To the cast & crew of Philkade,

Thanks for an enjoyable dive trip. Great boat, great people and great fun.

Jason & Nicole West

23 November 2005

Philkade and its wonderful crew are the best I have experienced! Thanks to the cooperation of Philkade. We have had a wonderful New England Aquarium / National Geographic Expedition. I will always remember this trip and look forward to the next project on this superb vessel

Gregory Stone

New England Aquarium, USA
30 April 2005

Many thanks to all the crew for a fantastic holiday. This was our first liveaboard trip and there we bound to be plenty more. But I doubt we'll be able to find another boat where everyone is so friendly and helpful.

I wish we could come back next week!

Ronnie and Sue Lin

Hong Kong
4 April 2005

As the owners of the travel company, specializing on diving trip, we've been to many safari boats across the world, but this is the best on so far. The combination of great food, great services, great vessel and good diving is amazing. Couldn't give any recommendation or think about anything to make this better. And we saw mantas as well!!!

To those who just stepping aboard- you are the lucky ones.

Special thanks to Eric - everyone in our group simply loves him. And of course to the chef, who make even the dieting ones eat all the time!!

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

Pavel and Polina Markelov

Moscow Russia
4 April 2005

We enjoy the boat, the food, especially the breakfast, omelet and pizza. We saw almost everything we expected eg. Whale shark, manta Ray, nurse shark, lots of puffer fish, stone fish box fish beautiful formation etc.

This is our 2nd liveaboard trip and we like the boat very much especially the sun deck, huge saloon, the crew. Keep up the good work!!

April & Joa

Hong Kong
18 February 2005

Bravo a tout l'equipage et a John. Une plongee inoubliable a Richelieu Rocks!

JP Andre

6 February 2005

For all the crew!!

Thank you!

We appreciate all the crew, instructors, dive masters.

Actually it was the best service and crew we ever met before.

Group of Russia tourists.

Albert Antonyan

8 January 2005

To John, Arraya, Philippe, Anake and all the crew.

Well done!!

A great week and unforgettable for the beautiful dives and the dramatic event happened. You all have been professional and lovely.

Thank you


Stefan, Matilda, Mattia

Tonino, Italy
2 January 2005

Unforgettable. Thanks everybody for time spent together. Thanks god to be here with you!!


Trieste, Italy
2 January 2005

To Arraya and all on board,

Been on liveaboard 5 times and this is the best boat! Need another dingy to make easier for 9 guests. Great "too" much food, friendly crew, clean and tidy.

Thanks for the good dives

All the best for the new venture,

Brian Goh

18 November 2004

My first liveaboard and they tell me that I'm spoiled for life. Philkade was so much more than what I expected a liveaboard would be like. Not only are we the 2nd group on board- the boat is brand new! I will never forget the experience on board. Lots of good, fun, dives and not to mention loads and loads of CSI's!!

The excellent food (the omelette I love and the green curry), the cleanliness of the boat is paramount. I love the idea of walking around bare foot everywhere yet feel clean! The toilets, showers, towels, bedsheets was five stars. The helpers even made our beds in the morning. The only complain is the pillows which I thought were too hard and high.

I love the upper sun deck. Welter lounging, getting a tan or even listening to the I pod watching the islands pass-by. Sitting on the bean bags reading a great book. This is what life is supposed to be! Swimming from the boat to the smaller islands in Similands, climbing rocks to see views from above…

Aida Ishak

18 November 2004