Frequently Asked Questions and Travel Advice

Liveaboard cruises on board MV Philkade cover a number of diving destinations in several different countries. Each individual country differs slightly by facilities, as well as general rules and regulations; any of which could have an effect on your diving liveaboard experience. The FAQ section provides you with as much necessary travel advice as possible for the liveaboard destination that you are interested in.

In each FAQ section you will find general travel advice such as how to get to your diving destination, flight information, visa information, air/water temperature, time zone information, health advice, cultural information and much much more. Furthermore, in each FAQ section you will also find more specific travel advice relating to MV Philkade, from what to bring and how dives are conducted from MV Philkade through to what the food is like and any extra costs while on board your liveaboard trip. All you have to do is figure out which liveaboard destination you are interested in and click on the relevant FAQ sections below.

We hope to provide as many answers as possible with our FAQ and Travel Advice sections for each liveaboard destination but if you find you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact MV Philkade at Aquamarine Divers.


MV Philkade

The following link should answer any questions specific to MV Philkade herself and how we run the cruises. It also contains important details of park fees, medical equipment and medicines, boat briefings and dive safety.