Dive Sites of The Similan Islands National Park

Hideaway Reef

Dive Site Hideaway Reef
Site Layout:
Small wreck, hard corals, sand patches, granite boulders to the east
Diving depth:
Surface to 40m+
Generally mild
Up to 35m
South of Island 5, generally calm and sheltered
Site access:
Usually dinghy, maybe big boat if diving the wreck

Lying to the south of Island 5, this reef tends to be either the first or last dive of the day. As a first dive, you will generally drop on the 'Tuna Wreck', a 30m fibreglass fishing boat sunk by the authorities in 2003 to create a new dive site. Life is only slowly starting to appear here and it is a little too deep (28m to 40m) to investigate for too long, though you will often see Kuhl's Rays and Lion Fish around the deeper areas. The reef itself is mainly hard corals and has plenty of fish life to keep you entertained. Often done as a night dive, there are lots of unusual things to be seen here after sundown including Pleurobranches, juvenile Cuttlefish, Octopus, Spider Crabs, and Squat Lobsters. Do not be surprised if you are also followed by hungry Trevally or Mangrove Snapper hoping to have an easy snack highlighted in your torch beam.

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