Liveaboard Andaman Islands

Liveaboard Andaman Islands

Part of Indian territorial waters (though closer to Thailand), the Andaman Islands form one of the worlds most recently discovered liveaboard diving destinations. For years the Andaman Islands were entirely 'off-limits' and this period of isolation, together with environmentally conscious tourism development of the islands, has meant that the surrounding waters are rich with diverse marine life fresh for divers to explore. With fringing reefs, steeply sloping walls, coral pinnacles, plus the more unusual jet black volcanic walls of Barren Island, there is something for every diver on a liveaboard cruise to the Andaman Islands!

Covering an area of over 3000 square miles, or over 3 times the size of Luxembourg, the Andaman Islands consist of some 500 islands and rock outcrops of which only 26 are currently inhabited. Because of the nature of the islands and the distance between dive sites, diving the Andaman Islands is best done via liveaboard for those divers who want to see the best that is on offer. Many of the islands in the Andaman Islands group are surrounded by fringing reefs some several hundred metres wide that are separated from the shore by shimmering lagoons. As well as offering fantastic for diving, these reefs are perfect for snorkeling.

Liveaboard Andaman Islands

Though the reefs are beautiful, sometimes divers want to see something more than undamaged corals and fish populations. The Andaman Islands can deliver on this too, with sites such as Narcondam Island and Barren Island way off shore in deep deep water that the larger pelagics just love. On these reefs it is possible to see Grey Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Leopard Sharks, and White Tip Reef Sharks while a swim into the blue at the right time of day can yield schools of Hammerheads with stories of the odd Silver Tip, Bull, and Oceanic White Tip in the area too.

Want more? What about Manta Ray cleaning stations? Herds of Hump Head Parrot Fish? Large aggregations of Napoleon Wrasse? Welcome to some of the most unspoiled and varied diving in the world!

See Travel facts for the Andaman Islands for more general information on travelling to the Andamans.

When to take your Andaman Islands Liveaboard Trip

Liveaboard cruises to the Andaman Islands from Phuket are very limited because of the distances and logistics involved. The best time to dive is generally considered to be very similar to that on the west coast of Thailand, with January to April offering the best chance of Manta Ray action. This is why Aquamarine Divers has decided to place our trips in the month of March.

Where to take your Andaman Islands Liveaboard Trip

We have very limited spaces available on our Andaman Island liveaboard cruises, check out SY Philkade prices and schedules for the dates when SY Philkade will be there. If you are more interested in your liveaboard dive sites, click below to read more about liveaboard diving in the Andaman Islands.

For general tourist information and history on the Andaman Islands see the Andaman Islands Website.

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