Liveaboard Thailand

The Similan Islands, including Ko Bon, Ko Tachai, and the world famous Richelieu Rock, are hugely popular with the world wide dive community, and rightly so!! These protected areas are home to pristine soft coral gardens, teeming with fish and invertebrate life, as well as being a routine stop for migrating pelagic species such as the majestic Whale Shark and Manta Ray. But there are also other areas that can be dived on a liveaboard trip from Phuket. The Surin Islands to the North, and Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, and Ko Haa to the south each offer something different, but equally impressive - Diving Thailand - Similan liveaboard 4D/4N - Similan liveaboard 4D/5N - Similan liveaboard 5D/6N - Similan & Surin liveaboard 6D/7N - Similan & Southern Islands 6D/7N

Liveaboard Burma

This remote and unspoiled tropical wilderness is truly off the beaten track. With over 800 islands to explore, it offers a huge diversity of marine life from macro critters such as Pipe Fish and Nudibranchs to a variety of bigger fish including Sharks and Rays. The unspoiled beaches and spectacular island scenery also provide a real 'Robinson Crusoe' feel - Diving Burma - Burma liveaboard 5D/6N - Burma&Similan liveaboard 9D/10N

Liveaboard Andaman Islands

Floating in splendid isolation, this group of over 300 islands is home to one of the richest, most untouched coral reef ecosystems in the world. With a selection of fringing reefs, walls, pinnacles, and volcanic lava to choose from, the Andaman Islands are ripe for discovery. The marine life is as varied as the environment, with everything from Sea Horses to Sharks, and even the odd swimming Elephant!! If you truly want to see something new, the Andaman's are where you need to be - Diving Andaman Islands - Andaman Islands liveaboard 8D/9N

Liveaboard Komodo - Indonesia

With barely touched reefs and hardly another dive boat in sight, what more could you ask for? Indonesia has some of the most beautiful diving in the world, from critter diving on black sand to large pinnacles that are magnets for Sharks, Dolphins and Manta Rays, every dive is has a new surprise waiting. As well as diving there is also an opportunity to explore the white sand beaches of the many islands and even a chance to walk with dragons - Diving Komodo - Komodo liveaboard 8D/9N