Dive Sites of The Similan Islands National Park

Elephant Head Rock

Dive Site Elephant Head Rock
Site Layout:
Large Granite boulders
Diving depth:
Surface to 30m+
Can be strong
Up to 40m
Open water without shelter, can get choppy
Site access:
Generally jump from MV Philkade with dinghy pick up

Possibly the most popular dive in the islands and a 'must do' on the Similan itinerary. Basically a pile of enormous boulders piled up between Islands 7 and 8 Hin Pusa, as the Thai's call it, is a playground of swim-throughs, canyons and big fish. In the deeper areas you have a chance of White Tip Reef Sharks resting the day away, in the blue Great Barracuda and schools of Giant and Blue Fin Trevally cruise around menacingly while on the sand Titan and Clown Trigger Fish dig for food or protect their nests. Sheltering around the boulders you can also see Oriental Sweetlips, Big Eyes, Giant Sweetlips, and sometimes Hawksbill Turtle. Keep your eyes peeled if you're not overawed by the architecture of the site and you may also see Giant Frog Fish and Juvenile White Tips on and between the rocks here. Truly a magnificent place to dive, this is often the guests choice as a dive to repeat in the latter half of the trip.

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