Dive Sites of The Surin Islands National Park

Hin Kong

Dive Site Hin Kong
Site Layout:
Large granite pinnacle on sandy bottom
Diving depth:
7m to 30m+
Can be strong
Up to 30m
West of Ko Surin Tai, open water, can be choppy
Site access:
As marker buoy comes and goes you will generally drop from MV Philkade and make negative descent

A little known site lying almost 2 miles west of Ko Surin Tai, this submerged boulder pinnacle is typical of the Surin Islands in its ability to keep surprising even relatively experienced guides. The top of the pinnacle is one large boulder that descends from 7m to somewhere around 25m which is then surrounded by smaller though no less impressive boulders. Slightly to the east, and visible on good days, lies another 'mini' pinnacle that is easily explored on the same dive. Regularly home to large numbers of hunting Trevally, Barracuda and Tuna the site shelters plenty of Neon Fusiliers, Five Line Snapper, Long Fin Bat Fish and various Wrasse. There are numerous swim-thoughs and small 'hidey holes' formed by the boulders here and sometimes divers can be lucky enough to see Nurse Sharks sheltering in them. Eagle Rays and Manta Rays have also been seen here, though it is a rarity. A large fishing net that was fouling the site for more than a year has been recently removed allowing Hemprich's Soft Corals and Daisy Corals to start taking hold on the site once more. A real hidden gem.

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