Liveaboard Diving in Burma

Shark Cave (aka In Through The Out Door, 3 Islets, Colona Rock, and Bishops Fancy)

Dive Site Shark Cave
Site Layout:
Three limestone islets with walls, sloping reef, corals, caves, and swim-throughs
Diving depth:
surface to 30m+
Can be strong, but the site offers lots of shelter
Up to 25m
Normally calm but can get a little choppy with strong surface currents in places
Site access:

The marine life on this dive site is almost as varied as the naming conventions here which often leads guests to vote for 3 dives on what is arguably the best site in the archipelago. The main islet has a large crack that runs around 25m through the whole rock, with a parallel swimthrough underneath this that sometimes homes sleeping Nurse Sharks or Marbled Whip Rays. To the north, the limestone slopes gently to the sand with Hemprich's Soft Corals, Knotted Sea Fans, Gorgonians Sea Fans, and Magnificent Sea Anemones. These slopes are covered with Big Eye and Five Line Snapper, Yellow Goat Fish, Oriental Sweetlips and all manner of Anemone Fish. The cave, the southern islet & also a wall on the south of the main islet are a macro lover's delight with Sea Horses, Ornate AND Robust Ghost Pipe Fish, Nudibranchs, Cleaner Pipe Fish, Octopus and Cuttlefish everywhere!! If you need big stuff, then look to the 2007-08 season and on this site alone guests saw Grey Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, and Whale Sharks (note the plurals!!). If it helps, our Cruise Director rates this site as the best on the whole west coast of Thailand and Myanmar.

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