Liveaboard Diving in Burma

Sea Fan Forest

Dive Site Sea Fan Forest
Site Layout:
Large pinnacle rising from 50m to close the surface
Diving depth:
8m to 30m+
Can be strong
Up to 30m
Open water, can be choppy early and late in the season
Site access:
MV Philkade

This submerged limestone pinnacle rises from a bottom between 50m+ and 28m to within around 8m of the surface. It is basically a north to south ridge which is covered, as the name suggests, in huge Gorgonian Sea Fans. Unfortunately part of the east side of the pinnacle was badly damaged by fishermen in 2007, but the site is still fantastic. The eastern edge of the ridge is often a resting place for leopard sharks, and on the top of the pinnacle you will find a garden of Magnificent Sea Anemones and several species of Anemone Fish. Around the pinnacle it is possible to see large numbers of Rainbow Runners, Unicorn Fish, Surgeon Fish, and Schooling Banner Fish. The sea fans also provide shelter for juvenile snapper and the like so there will always be Common Lion Fish and Bearded Scorpion Fish around to take advantage.

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