Liveaboard Diving in Burma

Black Rock

Dive Site Black Rock
Site Layout:
Large pinnacle clearing the surface, mini-wall, boulder flats, sloping reef
Diving depth:
Surface to 30m+
Can be strong but lots of natural shelter
Generally up to 25m but can be huge on good days
Generally relatively flat through the season. Surface currents can be strong
Site access:

Because of its position so far from the rest of the dive sites here in Burma, we will often spend the day diving here, only moving south for a night dive if conditions allow. This small black limestone pinnacle is around the size of a London bus on the surface, but under the waves descends gently to 30m on the north side, and drops sharply to 27m on the south before cascading away to beyond 45m. There are often large groups of Snapper, Fusilier, Big Eye Trevally, and Surgeon Fish around the site as well as the odd Giant Trevally, Great Barracuda, White Tip Reef Shark, and Marbled Whip Ray. The wall has a treasure trove of macro with Nudibranchs, Pipe Fish, Shrimps, Spider Crabs, and Gobies at all depths. To the east a large sloping garden of Magnificent Sea Anemones closes at sunset displaying a field of purple and green, while to the west look for large fish beyond the drop off.

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