Liveaboard Diving in Burma

NOT North Rock

Dive Site NOT North Rock
Site Layout:
Limestone Pinnacle with canyons surrounded by sand and rubble
Diving depth:
Surface to 27m
Can be strong
Generally around 20m
Quite open, can be choppy with strong surface currents
Site access:

To the south east of MacLeod Island is North Rock, which is not this dive site. Instead head south west and you will find a small cluster of limestone rocks which is definitely NOT North Rock!! Although you have to pick your dive times here carefully due to current, the site holds a huge amount of marine life to keep all levels of divers amused. The rocks themselves are covered in pink and orange Hemprich's Soft Corals along with various Knotted and Gorgonian Sea Fans, and Bush Corals in between. Snapper and Fusilier enjoy the nutrients passing by this site, and consequently Barracuda and Trevally are often trying to enjoy them as they leave the shelter of the reef. The macro life on this site is also fantastic, with Nudibranchs, Flatworms, and Bend Stick Pipe Fish around the rocks and the scattered corals along the sandy bottom.

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