Liveaboard Diving in Burma

St George's Rock

Dive Site St George's Rock
Site Layout:
Large limestone rock, part sloping reef, part wall
Diving depth:
Surface to 30m+
Can be strong
Up to 20m
Relatively sheltered, though can suffer from strong surface current
Site access:

Just off the south end of Stewart Island a small islet breaks the surface. The west side of this rock slopes steeply down to 20m+ and has lots of Hemprich's Soft Coral growth, as well as schools of Big Eye Snapper. If the current is not too strong though, we will head onto the east side where the wall drops to around 25m. Though there are less corals here, the macro life is very very good with Chromodoris and Flabellina Nudibranchs, Cleaner Pipe Fish, Orange Spot Pipe Fish, and Flatworms aplenty. There is also a swim-through from the east to the west of the island that often contains Ornate Spiny Lobsters, but this can only be attempted when both the tide is slack and there is no surface swell due to the narrow entry and exit points.

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