Liveaboard Diving in Burma

North Twin Ridge and Pinnacle

Dive Site North Twin
Site Layout:
Granite boulder pinnacles with soft corals
Diving depth:
7m to 30m+ depending on the site
Can be strong
Up to 40m
Relatively exposed but still generally flat
Site access:
MV Philkade or dinghy depending on conditions

Sitting several miles to the west of the main archipelago, North Twin (and its sister island South Twin) looks very different, with granite boulders scattered over a wide area. There are several worthy day dives here with the Pinnacle (14m to 50m+), and the Ridge (7m to 35m+) being the best. These sites both have lots of healthy Gorgonian Sea Fans and Hemprich's Soft Corals growing on them, with complimentary amounts of Snapper, Goat Fish, Bat Fish and Fusiliers schooling around them. In the blue you are often likely to see schooling Yellow Tail Barracuda and Big Eye Trevally with even the odd Tuna or Wahoo heading past. Both of these sites in the last season have also been spots to see Eagle Ray and Manta Ray, with the Ridge in particular home to a manta cleaning station at around 22m.

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