Liveaboard Diving in the Andaman Islands

Campbell Shoal

Dive Site Campbell Shoal
Site Layout:
Fringing hard coral reef
Diving depth:
5m to 25m
Weak to moderate (though can be a little stronger at full/new moon)
Variable, 5m to 25m
Generally calm and sheltered
Site access:
Normally by dinghy

About 10 nautical miles off the south-east coast of Middle Andaman Island, this dive site is perhaps most famous for the quality of its hard coral reefs, reputed as being the best anywhere in the Andamans. The shallower areas, which are coated with Coral Bommies and Table Corals, descend down the reef itself with Acropora Corals predominating. Various colourful reef fish inhabit the area but guests will be hard-pushed to draw their eyes away from the huge, perfectly intact Table Corals. Look underneath and you have the opportunity to see large Groupers looking back at you as well as sleeping Reef Sharks and much much more.

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