Liveaboard Diving in the Andaman Islands

Invisible Bank : Flat Rock

Dive Site Invisible Bank
Site Layout:
Submerged rocky promontory
Diving depth:
Over 30m
Can be strong
Up to 40m not unusual+
Very exposed ; choppy if the wind is blowing
Site access:
Normally MV Philkade

The topography on Flat Rock is fairly dramatic, with scattered rocks over a sandy bottom, with the concentration of fish absolutely incredible. The pelagics are especially noteworthy. It is difficult to know where to start but you can expect to see schools of Black Unicorn Fish, Surgeon Fish, Mackerel, Tuna, and Trevally. Grey and White Tip Reef Sharks are likely to be in evidence, as are Nurse Sharks, Dog Tooth Tuna, Great Barracuda, and Giant and Blue Fin Trevally. A fabulous dive spot, with plenty of big fish.

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