Andaman Islands Itinerary I: 8 Days / 9 Nights on board

Fed up of diving in the same old places? Want to spread your wings and try something truly undiscovered? Aquamarine Divers is pleased to announce exploratory trips for SY Philkade in the 2008-2009 season to the Andaman Islands.

This group of 500+ islands lying some 280 miles to the north west of Phuket cover an area of approximately 3000 square miles and are ripe for discovery, and you can be among the first to dive here. Though much closer to Thailand, the Andamans are an Indian territory and offer something new to the discerning diver. Sites pencilled in for these trips include Barren Island, Narcondam Island, Invisible Bank, and South Button Island among many others.

With a selection of fringing reefs, walls, pinnacles, and volcanic lava to choose from, the marine life is hugely diverse here. If you like pelagics you have the opportunity to see Grey, Blacktip, Nurse and Leopard Sharks. For the lucky ones there is even the chance of Silvertip, Oceanic White Tip and Hammerhead Sharks on selected sites. There are also cleaning stations where you can see groups of Barracuda hovering, Hump Head Parrot Fish by the dozen and also the possibility of glimpsing majestic Manta Rays.

Not impressed by the big stuff? A wide variety of macro life including Sea Horses, Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish, and Nudibranchs abounds. And for those who just love diving? Hard corals, soft corals, sea fans, schools of Jacks, Surgeon Fish, Sweetlips, Snapper, Fusilier, Rainbow Runner, Grouper, Potato Cod, and Sting Ray are all waiting for you in the depths.

For more information on diving from SY Philkade and travelling to the Andaman Islands see our Andaman Islands Travel Facts.

Departure Day
Pick up from the hotel or airport
Time TBC Check-in, orientation, boat and crew introduction.
Depart from Port Blair while having dinner.
Day 1 North and South Cinque Islands
Day 2 Passage Island and The sisters
Day 3 Invisible Bank
Day 4 Barren island
Day 5 Narcondam island
Day 6 Narcondam island
Day 7 Button islands and area
Day 8 Havelock island and area (e.g Minerva Ledge, Campbell Shoals)
Note:There will be a combination of known dive sites as well as a certain amount of exploration along the way. The sites above are likely to be included, combined with other, as yet unknown, sites
Arrival Day
Time TBC Arrive Port Blair
Time TBC Transfer to the hotel/airport after Breakfast

Remark : The above itinerary is an example and other sites may be substituted in or out without notice at the discretion of the Cruise Director or based on the weather conditions.

To make an enquiry about this trip, contact SY Philkade.