Komodo Itinerary: 8 Days / 9 Nights on board

The Komodo National Park lies between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores in an 80 Km wide passage that experiences some huge tidal flows. This, combined with upwellings of cold, nutrient rich water from the Indian Ocean delivers a constant stream of food for the corals and reef fish. This is the basis for a food chain that is almost unbelievably diverse. Some of the coral reefs here are so dense with life there is literally not a square centimeter that does not have corals, fans or crinoids fighting for food and space. On other reefs, the fish life is so dense you may have trouble even seeing more than passing glimpses of the reef. Still elsewhere, you can find some of the most unusual animals the oceans have to offer.

And let's not to forget the larger fish here. Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Whale Shark, and Sunfish (as well as Dolphins from time to time) can all be seen when conditions are right, and Lady Luck is on the same trip as you. There is a tiny 'but' here though. The waters that surround the islands here in Komodo are turbulent and prone to strong currents. The park is an exciting place to dive, but it is also a very challenging place to dive. Divers should be comfortable in open water and performing drift dives where currents may be moderate to strong and should have excellent buoyancy skills.

Sites pencilled in for these trips include GPS Point, Toko Toko (aka Castle Rock), Cannibal Rock, Current City, and the Yellow Wall among many others. And did we mention the dragons? That's right, Komodo and Rinca are home to some 1500+ Komodo Dragons, the largest lizard in the world!! Reaching up to 2.5m in length and 125kg in weight. There is also the chance to see Buffalo, Rusu Deer, Monkeys, Wild Pigs, and Horses.

For more information on diving from SY Philkade and travelling to Indonesia see our Indonesia Travel Facts.

Departure Day
2:00-4:00pm Pick up from the hotel or Mataram airport
4:00pm Check-in, orientation, boat and crew introduction.
5:00pm Depart from Port of Lembar while having dinner.
Day 1 Dives around Medang, Satonda, and Moyo Islands. Overnight travel to Sangeang
Day 2 Dives around Sangeang and Gili Banta, including GPS Point
Day 3 If conditions are favourable, dives today will be carried out at Toko Toko (Castle Rock), Gililawa Laut, and Crystal Rock with a night dive or sunset dive while cruising to Komodo
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Three days dedicated diving within the Komodo National Park. Conditions are likely to decide the order, but expect to dive sites such as Three Sisters, Current City, Payung Island, Tatawa Kecil, Batu Bolong, Yellow Wall, and Cannibal Rock. There will also be the chance to go ashore and participate in an early morning walk on Komodo Island, with rangers, to see the world famous Komodo Dragons, among other wonders on the island.
Day 7 Two more dives in the National Park before heading west again to finish with dives on Gili Banta and possibly Sangeang. Overnight to Satonda.
Day 8 Depending on conditions, dives on either Medang, Satonda, or Moyo Islands. Cruise overnight to Lombok
Arrival Day
6:00am Arrive Port of Lembar
8:30am Transfer to the hotel/airport after Breakfast

Remark : All itineraries are subject to changes without notice based on the weather conditions.

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