Liveaboard Diving at Ko Phi Phi

Ko Bida Nok

Dive Site Bida Nok
Site Layout:
Shallow coral gardens, limestone rocks and boulders, sandy flats
Diving depth:
Surface to 30m
Mild to moderate
Up to 25m
Can get choppy, though normally sheltered
Site access:

The furthest south of the Phi Phi Islands, Ko Bida Nok ('outer' Bida island) has some amazingly diverse marine life. Generally dropping in or around a small bay to the south of the islet you will start amongst beautiful coral and rock formations where you have a good chance of seeing Leopard Sharks and Hawksbill Turtles. The walls of Bida Nok descend vertically into the sea and are covered with Hemprich's Soft Corals and Magnificent Anemones. Look into all the cracks and crevices for many types of Moray Eel, Shrimps of all kinds, and Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish for the bright eyed.

There is a small cavern, several swim-throughs, and huge amounts of hard corals including Acroporas, Brain Corals, and Table Corals along with various Gorgonian Sea Fans, Whip Corals, and Bubble Corals. Aside from the vast amounts of reef fish on Bida Nok you may be lucky enough to see Black Tip Reef Sharks and, although unusual, Whale Sharks are seen here by the lucky ones several times a year, regardless of the season. There are also plenty of Common Lionfish and Western Clownfish for photographers seeking that perfect shot.

There is also an extra bonus when diving on Ko Bida Nok, and that comes at the surface. The vertical rock formations will take your breath away, and depending upon the time of day you are diving you can see Sea Eagles hunting around you.

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