Liveaboard Diving in Komodo

Toko Toko (Castle Rock)

Dive Site Toko Toko
Site Layout:
Submerged rocky pinnacle
Diving depth:
3m to 30m+
Can be very strong
Up to 35m
Exposed so can be choppy, and expect strong surface currents
Site access:
Generally dinghy, depending on conditions

Castle Rock is a barely submerged pinnacle with a huge proliferation of marine life. Soft corals and sea fans are everywhere at around 20 metres though you may find it difficult to tear your eyes away from the huge schools of Trevally and Barracuda in the blue. Sharks and big Rays can be spotted here, as can dolphins which are sometimes seen hunting around the rock. Currents can be strong, especially in the shallower water on entry, but there is a large amount of shelter towards the top of the pinnacle, ideal for safety stops, that gives the dive site its name.

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