Liveaboard Diving in Komodo

Sangeang Island

Dive Site Sangeang Island
Site Layout:
Hard and soft coral reefs, walls, sand, volcanic name it!
Diving depth:
5m to 25m+
Anything from gentle to ripping depending when and where you are on the island
Up to 25 m depending on volcanic activity
Again variable depending when and where on the island
Site access:
Generally dinghy

Sangeang is an active volcano island located around 80 miles east of Satonda. Clear waters and good soft coral, hard coral, and anemone growth are present here. Most regular tropical marine fishes can be found around the island along with Ribbon Eels, Cowries, and Spider Crabs. The currents at Mentjeng Wall can be savage due to its exposed position but there are plenty of sheltered places to hide. It is also a macro haven at the base of the wall at around 20 metres where countless Nudibranchs and other critters can be found.

Around the ridge at Tikno's Reef and Black Magic the reef breaks up over dark brown volcanic ash and sandy patches at around 18 meters, is another macro delight. One of the highlights of the island is the chance of Mimic Octopus at a site called Copycat Copycat, just take your time across the sand and keep your eyes open!

At some spots you will notice volcanic bubbles escaping from the sea bed through air vents. It is possible to feel the heat from the sulphur covered rocks here, though often the visibility can be washed out as larger air exchanges disturb the sediment on the sea bed.

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