Liveaboard Diving in Komodo

Cannibal Rock

Dive Site Cannibal Rock
Site Layout:
Submerged rocky pinnacle
Diving depth:
5m to 30m
Can be strong
Up to 25m
Slightly exposed so can be choppy at times
Site access:
Generally dinghy

A must see sight on any Komodo itinerary, Cannibal Rock is a submerged sea mount sat in Loh Dasami Bay on the south of Rinca Island. Rich soft corals abound as well as Sea Apples and other Sea Cucumber species. Amongst many surprises are flamboyantly colored Nudibranchs, Feather Stars, Tunicates, Cleaner Shrimp, and Fire Urchins. The fish life can also be quite good at times with an array of Scorpion Fishes, schools of Red Snappers, and Surgeon Fishes. Unusual critters such as Pygmy Sea Horses and Frog Fish may also be seen.

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