Liveaboard Diving in Komodo

Moyo Island : Angel Reef

Dive Site Angel Reef
Site Layout:
Fringing coral reef with wall
Diving depth:
10m to 30m+
Up to 35m
Can be a little choppy
Site access:

Angel reef lies on the west coast of Moyo Island, and a healthy coral reef with a vertical wall dropping to over 40 meters in depth. It gets its name for the wide variety of Angel Fish that can be found flitting around and feeding on the coral. The wall is covered in large Gorgonian Fans and soft corals, and is a great place to spot Nudibranchs and Ghost Pipe Fish. Black Tip Reef Sharks may also be seen in the deeper sections of this dive. As you make your way around the wall it slowly turns into a large sand flat, with large barrel sponges sitting on top of blinding white sand. If you look very closely on the sponges you can find interesting crabs. Paying close attention to the sand also helps as you can find large Spearing Mantis Shrimps and Garden Eels.

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